the method

AND offers to assist you at all stages of the creative industrial design process
  • From design management to conceptualisation, in concert together, through to production and sales realisation.
  • Corporate Product Identity
  • Face-lifting products for second branding and revitalising market depleted products
  • Product graphics and brand labelling.
Essential requirements for a good industrial design process.
  • Planning and integrating the industrial design process within a company's product development structure.
  • Creating a working industrial design brief which will formulate the aims, parameters and expectations for the product(s) under development.
  • Identification of market(s) and relevant competition.
  • Relevant technical information concerning existing industrial processes and latest state of the art technology.
  • Human factors relating to the man/machine interface for the product(s) under development.
Coupled into the above can be specification demands required for type approval by classification agencies/institutions/societies.

the visualisation process
(the industrial design process in product development)
  1. Sketch ideas and concepts, 2D and 3D visualisation, card proportion sketch model/s, with supporting technical information and ergonomic studies.
  2. Evaluation of the various ideas and concepts through dialogue with all interested parties.
  3. Conclusions, modifications where necessary and refinements.
  4. Prototyping: Product(s) dimensional documentation.
    For: Block model/functioning prototype building Mechanical, electrical analysis and constructional engineering
  5. Scale 1:1 tactile block model/functioning prototype
    For: product appreciation, human factors evaluation, product constructional analysis, market research, pre-sales brochure and marketing photographs.
  6. Evaluation of feedback relating to scale 1:1 tactile block model/functioning prototype which generates product development assurance and where necessary course correction.
  7. Support and guidance of the industrial design input to ensure continuity of concept through all stages of product construction to series production and sales.

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