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Working agreement between: Alpha Instruments International and Anglo Nordic Design AS / John R. Houghton

Concerning project: Laser calibration unit/LCU 2000+

The design process will be divided into 3 phases.

Phase 1:
Product concept, sketch ideas and ideas for different solutions.
Working hours: 80 @ NOK 680,- total NOK 54.400,-

Divided into two steps of 40 hours each.

If the client wishes to terminate the agreement after phase 1 the designer renounces any responsibility whatsoever concerning the further development of the project.


First presentation:
Phase 2:
The chosen suggestion is worked out into detailed working drawings. Model/Prototype
Working hours: 80 @ NOK 680.- total NOK 54.400,-

Any models/prototypes will be specified especially concerning prices, materials and delivery times. All prototype drawings must be controlled by the client.

Phase 3:
Graphics etc.
Working hours: 80 @ NOK 680,- total NOK 54.400,-

It is presupposed that prior to all phases all relevant information concerning the project is furnished to the designer in good time in advance before commencing the work.

All cost estimates for each phase do not include materials, sundry expenses, traveling time and meetings.

All prices are excluding 23% value added tax (m.v.a.)

Terms of payment: Net within 15 days.

Property rights according to copyright laws.

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Anglo Nordic Design AS:

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